India being a federal union is blessed with different states and territories and therefore each region has its specialties, its techniques, its preferences and taste in its own way, with a little salt, with a little sugar or with a little spice. There is plenty of choice. So we at Palkova, make sure to supply a diverse range of snacks and desserts hailing from different states across the country.

Milk plays an important role in the production of our dairy products. We develop different varieties of dairy products from the same main ingredient - milk, such as palkova , Milk halwa and much more. We are not just available for people with sweet tooth instead we also regularly stock delicious snacks - Kadalai Mittai, Peanut candy, Kara Sev from authentic dealers.

Located at Tanjavore, Tamilnadu, our dairy factory manufacturing unit has recently started to supply dairy based products and snacks also to several countries in the East. To guarantee quality, hygenic products to our customers, we make sure that everything that goes inside our products are fresh and authentic. Our employees also implement various state-of-the-art technologies to enhance the shelf life of our products without using preservatives.